"Your gaze follows a Heron soaring over a river only to find yourself flying as well..."
L. Battisti - Mogol



Franciacorta is very special in wine-making. It is an extraordinary coming-together of elements and random events, which throughout the centuries have united to create the perfect “cradle” for excellence.

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a one-of-a-kind sensory exprerience

Take part in the world renowned Italian lifestyle by uncorking a bottle of Centinari Franciacorta and live the emotional and sensory experience enclosed in its essence.


the value
of time
and waiting

An Italian family, a story built on values and smiles.


Purple Heron

following a heron with your gaze

We have fallen in love with this bird, and have therefore chosen it as our logo. Capturing its beauty in an instance of solitary flight which leads us back to the lands of Franciacorta.

Safeguarding the biodiversity and habitats of some species is not only a moral obligation, it is a necessity: we must protect nature in order to protect ourselves.

Purple Heron sustainability

Centinari CLUB

An exclusive club

Share in the passion for a land, product and method,
tied to the beauty of time and nature.

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