The adults of our noisy and inclusive family, often firmly stated one resounding phrase: “The secret to doing things well is linked to the time and love dedicated to them, everything is connected to time”.
Our life is marked by time and by invisible memories of our childhood. Over the years, thanks to the world of Franciacorta, the concept of time, both precious and loving, once again plays a starring role.
Through experience, we have ascertained that quality, in both work and in personal relationships, requires patience, care, dedication, and most of all time.


A woman who has passed the value of time and the desire to “take flight” down to us new generations, with elegance and foresight: Rita Centinari, a woman from a different time.

Family is an ancor for each individual, a safe harbour where you can always go back to. Growing up in a close family is a great fortune. It means being surrounded by affection, love and understanding in every moment, even when passing in the midst of a storm.

It is the first place where one learns to listen, to share and wait, where the first encounter with the precious nature of time is experienced.

Centinari, an Italian family that is all of these things: a beautiful story made up of values and smiles.


a one-of-a-kind sensory experience

Take part in the world renowned Italian lifestyle by uncorking a bottle of Centinari Franciacorta and live the emotional and sensory experience enclosed in its essence.